Krakow, Poland

Master plan and rezoning for residential and commercial use

Site located with access to the highway linking the city center

Tribeach Krakow office working with city & utilities to develop infrastructure

Tribeach has subdivided the land and is selling individual lots for single family homes. To date, 20% of the available lots have been sold and the buyers started building houses


Case Studies


On a site located 8km from the city center of Krakow, Skotniki is named after the 19th century fort found on the property. Situated near a tram line and in the direct path of growth toward a university and several industrial centers, the site offered considerable potential for higher density development while also supporting community needs for both open space and local services. Tribeach purchased the land and developed a compelling master plan to rezone this former agricultural land—using historical, ecological and local linkages to create viable and successful neighborhoods.